Digital Signage at stores and branches

Digital Signage at stores and branches

Digital Signage at stores and branches

Studies show that over 75% of decisions about purchases are made in the store. It is a good idea to utilise this knowledge adequately, in order to boost sales. Correct use of Digital Signage technologies may leave the competition far behind.

Selection of Digital Signage media is just a single step towards modern advertisements. Common billboards or posters do not draw as much attention as multimedia advertisements, and the point is to stand out, which is in turn possible thanks to the sheer number of applications of DS at sales points.

This technology is most often used at sales points, e.g. as screens located directly in a store, informing about current promotions or discounts. They may also be used as inspiration for people looking for a clothing style idea.



In shopping centres, the media are also present as screens placed outside a store, presenting the offer and encouraging a visit in the particular store. It is the solution used by Harrods in the United Kingdom.



Screens were also placed in the middle of the store, next to an escalator. A total of 32 screens was installed, 16 on each of the walls, and the presented content was certainly easily noticeable.

Grocery stores

The grocery sector also started noticing the benefits offered by applications of Digital Signage technologies. Firstly, screens provide an interesting variety during waiting in a till queue, and secondly, they may also provide information in the form of newsflashes from around the world or weather forecasts.

In addition to adding some variety to waiting time, companies use such technologies to present the store offer. It is often the case that superstore customers wait in a queue to the butcher counter or at the dairy department.

Instead of looking at their smartphones, they can watch interesting content presented on screens before them instead. (e.g. „How should wine and cheese be combined?” – at the same time promoting dairy and wine which can be purchased at the store, or „how to select good meat for…”, etc.), the possibilities are nearly endless and imagination is the only limit.

It is an interesting attempt at “smuggling” advertisement as attractive, short movies which the customer will be more eager to watch than a simple poster informing about the offer.


Use the fact that the potential customer has the time

The Digital Signage technology is an ideal match also for places where potential customers have a lot of time – such as various waiting rooms, places where people have to wait e.g. for a service, because of queues.
Recipients looking for variety and entertainment will focus on the displayed message.

An example application of a DS technology at a pharmacy and in a waiting room:




At a veterinary clinic:



Electronic number system

Digital Signage may also be used there, where a numbered queue system is operating (e.g. at a clinic or an office).

People who do not want to miss their turn will be forced to peek at the screen every now and then.
And if the screen already drew their attention, why should we not use the opportunity to display advertisements? In addition, such a presented advertisement is not intrusive and may even become an interesting element of variety during waiting for an appointment.
Selection of Digital Signage media is just a step towards the most modern form of advertisement. Their use is flexible and widespread, acknowledged by more and more companies each year. A cleverly crafted advertising content may draw attention of potential customers without irritating them, thus – may translate into increased sales in the future.

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