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DOOH – modern information transfer

29 August 2019

The advertising market needs media that will not only be well-matched to the recipients, but also will also influence their involvement and DOOH could be characterised by those features.

Advertising on LED screens – the way to reach new customers!

25 April 2019

Advertising is primarily an information. For some it is a creative message with a decent dose of persuasion, for others it is only an intrusive message like “I’ll open the fridge soon, and there …”. So how to draw the attention of recipients, skillfully using the marketing potential of the tool, which is advertising on […]

An advertising on jumbotrons – the greater visibility of your company

25 April 2019

Advertising on jumbotrons is an excellent way to increase the visibility of products and services available on the market as well as consistent creating the brand image in the recipients’ awareness. Before you decide on this form of advertising, find the answer to some questions – what budget do you have, where would you like […]

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