VISONET – authorial system


Visonet is our proprietary and extensive Digital Signage system, allowing remote presentation and management of content presented on the screens.

This system combines and number of important functions – it allows central management of visual marketing communications in distributed networks of various brands.

We are the creators of this applications, thus we are able to expand the solutions according to individual needs of our customers.

VISONET is a modern and profitable solution
in the field of communication with customers at a sale point.

It boosts impulsive purchases

Supports or may replace the seller or the store clerk

Provides data for analysis

Why is it worth?

Systems may be used in various sectors

E.g. at FMCG, OTC and home equipment sale points, retail service chains (hairdressers/barber stores, accounting agencies, etc.), banks, shopping centres, airports or railway and bus stations.

Improved functionalities compared to traditional media

Messages may be adapted to the current weather or the current number of customers inside the store.

Availability of solutions

The Visonet system requires virtually no further investments and is flexible in terms of its functionality and implementation scale.

Creation of completely new experiences for the customers

It is possible to change a waiting room into a promotion information point, or to create a temporary showroom in the city centre in order to present a new collection.

Ability to combine media communication with other channels of communication with customers

It is possible to use ATL media communication or to combine the system with activities intended for mobile devices.

Ability to combine media-based communication with information intended for the personnel

Awareness of current content displayed on the screen may provide an opportunity for contacting the customers.


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