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We offer the introduction of Digital Signage solutions from consulting and creation,
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Digital Signage Software - applications
Due to many advantages and continuous development, Digital Signage software is gaining more and more application, both as a form of advertising, as well as information and education. Currently, Digital Signage systems are used by public administration units, healthcare, banks, shops and service companies, restaurants, hotels, transport companies, educational establishments, sports organizations as well as entertainment and culture venues.
Public administration

The use of Digital Signage advertising within public administration facilities can improve the comfort of information flow between customers and officials. Thanks to multimedia displays, you can not only improve the work of referents, but also improve the overall efficiency of the unit. Digital Signage software is used primarily for customer service – the media allows you to manage the queue, inform you about the place of service and also allow you to check the current status of your case. In addition, thanks to Digital Signage, more and more online forms are available, so you don’t have to bother with visiting the office and sending documents electronically.

Health Service

Digital Signage advertising is widely used in healthcare facilities. Carriers are an excellent medium for providing information on the hours of admission of individual doctors and the time of waiting for an appointment, thanks to which the fluidity of queue service is maintained. Professional screens also play an educational role in medicine – linked to the camera system, they can present students with the course of complicated operations, giving the opportunity to take a close look at the detailed activities performed by the doctor.

Banks and exchange offices

Digital Signage tools play an important role in banking and currency exchange services. Thanks to the integrated system connected to the display, frequently changing values of exchange rates or interest rates are constantly updated and displayed in accordance with the latest data.
Stock quotes are another area in which Digital Signage finds its application. Activity related to trading on the stock exchange and shares requires reliable information, which is why tools that display the latest quotations from Poland and the world are a key tool in this field. Monitors may display stock indexes or recommendations in which companies are worth investing in.

In addition, Digital Signage helps to manage customer service, direct to appropriate positions or inform you about the waiting time in the queue. Touch screens used in bank branches encourage you to read the content contained on the media, and thus, help in the promotion of the current offer (information on deposits, loans, savings accounts).
Why is it worth using Audiomarketing as a tool in company’s promotion?
28 April 2020
In addition, Maison Research House conducted a survey, the results of which are surprising – 91% of respondents admit that they decide to shop in stores where music is being played the speakers. TNS OBOP dots the i’s and shows that every second customer’s rating of the store was influenced by music. Now sit back and think about whether audiomarketing is just another fantasy in the advertising industry, or a revolutionary method to increase sales, attract new customers and a chance to build loyal relationship with our current clients? Reading this article, you only hear silence or pleasant sounds of music? Audiomarketing – not a pipe dream, but a great marketing tool for your business.
Electronic queuing systems – for the sake of your customers
28 April 2020
It all started with … Swedish irritation. In 1956 in Sweden a certain Ake Ehrlund decided to take matters into his own hands and solve the problem of queues at the baker’s. His concept of a system based on numbers has quickly gained popularity. It can be safely said that Swedish flour has resulted in solid e-bread, which is today one of the most advanced queuing systems in the world, and is still being improved and it invariably facilitate the functioning of many institutions.
DOOH – modern information transfer
28 April 2020
DOOH, i.e. Digital Out Of Home is an innovative digital communication channel addressed to recipients located outside home. The importance of DOOH systems is essential because it is able to reach with its message virtually, anywhere the recipient is. DOOH systems consist of 2 elements. The first of them – hardware – that is computers, servers and screens enabling communication between devices. The second – software – which is managing published content.
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