Why is it worth? Let’s focus on numbers. According to Marketer +, sales under the influence of music increased by 51% in the group under 25 years of age, by 11% in the group of 25-50 years, while among 50+ consumers by as much as 38%.

Music to the store

In addition, Maison Research House conducted a survey, the results of which are surprising – 91% of respondents admit that they decide to shop in stores where music is being played the speakers. TNS OBOP dots the i’s and shows that every second customer’s rating of the store was influenced by music. Now sit back and think about whether audiomarketing is just another fantasy in the advertising industry, or a revolutionary method to increase sales, attract new customers and a chance to build loyal relationship with our current clients? Reading this article, you only hear silence or pleasant sounds of music? Audiomarketing – not a pipe dream, but a great marketing tool for your business.



Audiomarketing – definition

You can ask: what is audiomarketing? Formal definitions show that this is an impact on people in the purchasing process through the sense of hearing, so by music and properly constructed advertising spots. The key is the assumption that music encourages customers to finalize the transaction, combined with the premises’ space arrangement, design, smell and lighting affects the final purchasing decisions of consumers. Audio marketing has one main purpose. It is to create the most favorable climate at the point of sale, emitting a properly composed music track with advertising messages, which strongly affects the customer. Music definitely extends the consumer’s time at the sales point and encourages returning.

We meet with audiomarketing not only in large shopping centers or local retail stores, but also in places where services are sold, e.g. at hairdresser’s, beauty salons, SPA and restaurants. It provides music to specific places, thus building the image of the brand in business.


How does the music in the store affect consumers?

  • it stimulates their emotional experiences
  • it stimulates sensory messages and thinking
  • it stores a specific place and event in memory, which increases the potential return to the sales point
  • it accompanies while making purchasing decisions
  • it stays longer and builds association with the brand
  • it relaxes

How does the audiomarketing tool affect consumers, for example a special playlist dedicated to a specific sales point?

  • identifying music with the brand, strengthening the image in the customer’s mind
  • it is a great direct marketing tool – the customer receives information about the brand, promotions or sales on an ongoing basis
  • creating a musical image of the brand
  • audiomarketing identifies the customer with the sales point and encouraging return visits
  • creating a unique atmosphere (dedicated occasional playlists, e.g. Christmas playlist)
  • extending the customer’s shopping time than in the absence of a music program at the sales point
  • informal shopping climate – loosening effect, unpretentiousness in communication, a sense of freedom and comfort
  • increasing the efficiency of both buying and selling



Audiomarketing – why is it worth it?

First of all, because the music in sales points strengthens the desire to buy products, as well as creates a positive image of the brand. Sensory marketing, which audiomarketing is a part of, is a powerful advertising area that creates a brand image, defines lifestyle and builds association with products or services. Audiomarketing allows you to create independent music, completely separate, dedicated only to specific brands.
At VSG, we use the potential of digital signage. A special system supports the audio zone at the sales point. The audio content is independently controlled, delivered by the network and centrally managed. The music program also allows the system to set the frequency of sound ads – the process is also managed and updated completely remotely. In addition, the VSG system allows random selection of songs, eliminating the risk of repetition:

  • the songs will never appear in the same order, which excludes weariness of the music
  • customer music is secured at no extra charge
  • VSG bears full responsibility for the copyright to the broadcasted music before ZaiKS, SPAV and STOART


Audiomarketing – price

An investment in audiomarketing is profitable and pays off quickly. The price depends on the length of the music programs and the type of playlist (commercial or royalty-free music). In a way, music becomes your logo and increases the chance of distinguishing your brand from the growing competition. In addition, you get a legal source of music and you save money – you don’t have to buy licenses for individual songs on your own.
Audiomarketing – examples can be multiplied. The potential of music in business is used by restaurants, shopping centres, wellness centres, hotels as well as companies that want to create a pleasant working climate for employees. Win win!
Sounds really matter.