Advertising is primarily an information. For some it is a creative message with a decent dose of persuasion, for others it is only an intrusive message like “I’ll open the fridge soon, and there …”. So how to draw the attention of recipients, skillfully using the marketing potential of the tool, which is advertising on LED screens and stand out from the competition, building an advantage on the market?

LED screens – innovations in advertising

Contemporary marketing allows you to reach consumers through a variety of solutions – ambient advertising, viral, buzz, storytelling, unconventional content, native ads. These are just examples that the creative departments reach for in cooperation with the brand. The market is extremely dynamic, trends change almost every day, and the promotion of services or products of a particular company cannot wait and must attract. Therefore, it is worth leaning over a modern digital medium – advertising on LCD monitors is a response to the needs of consumers.

Advertising on monitors is a great opportunity to sell even more and build a brand image in the minds of customers. The area of ​​digital signage has long ago displaced traditional forms of advertising, focusing on direct, attractive and visually remarkable message. That is why touch screens are constantly gaining popularity. Their wide application in marketing activities is associated with the opportunity to reach a larger audience, although the benefits of this solution can be multiplied.

The choice of an interactive form of promotion proves the brand’s involvement in the distribution of advertising materials and focusing on the needs of consumers. LED screens allow for a much better presentation of the offer – it is a large format medium, with the ability to adjust the parameters, dynamically and effectively presenting the image. Compared with classic-sized billboards, they are at the forefront of innovative digital solutions.

Advertising on the monitor – brand’s success

Until now, LED screens have been used during numerous marketing campaigns. Brands decide for this type of advertising as an element of supporting a marketing campaign or, very often, in social campaigns, which pay attention to a specific product, aspect or service. Advertising on the monitor guarantees success – the message will certainly reach a wide audience even more if the screens are installed in sensitive points of cities, shops or department stores.

The touch monitor perfectly fits into the constantly advancing technological development. Durability, reliability and the ease of use are key features of this advertising solution. Nevertheless, the biggest argument for using LED screens is an attractive and engaging message that is the future of digital signage-based marketing.

The reliability of touch monitors is influenced by advanced technology, which goes hand in hand with high-class workmanship and a quality. It is an advertising medium that characterizes universal use – its potential can be used both outside and inside buildings. So if you are considering an investment in indoor or outdoor advertising, LED screens will perfectly match your creative concept. What is more, the monitors allow for extraordinary assembly. What does it mean? You do not have to focus only on traditional screens hanging – individual parameters allow you to set them even on the floor or as a free-standing object in any area. Each of these options does not exclude the excellent quality of the presented content.

Advertising on the monitor is not limited. It works great in every industry. Bank branches, service establishments (hairdressing, cosmetics, mechanics), gastronomy, food industry are just a few of them, in which LED screens perfectly pass the marketing exam. The age of digital communication continues and nothing indicates an end of it. Digital signage is a necessity, especially today – in modern marketing strategies.

Consumers are already resistant to traditional forms of advertising, so give your brand a chance to build a strong image on the market.

Touch monitor – key features of the solution

Before the decision of investing in LED screens is done, it is worth remembering that the device is extremely easy to use. The user gains a simple and intuitive interface, the ability to make changes at any time and a photo database of products. The screens also allow you to synchronize individual messages such as: display of active websites – weather forecasts, news programs or currency values. In addition, there is a place for central / remote display management via the Internet, content modification depending on the time of day, remote monitor switching off / on, division of screens into zones, RSS bar.

If you are ready for a significant revolution in a business and increasing the sales potential in your company, please contact our team of experts. At VSG, we focus on digital signage solutions and we work for your brand. You report the need for innovation in advertising, and we do the rest.