An advertising on jumbotrons – the greater visibility of your company

Advertising on jumbotrons is an excellent way to increase the visibility of products and services available on the market as well as consistent creating the brand image in the recipients’ awareness. Before you decide on this form of advertising, find the answer to some questions – what budget do you have, where would you like to place the ad, in what format and what is your target audience.

The LED video screen is a modern video carrier with LEDs, which is part of the digital communication, filling both outdoor and LED indoor spaces. It strongly supports the digital signage marketing area. What makes LED screens gain a significant advantage over even large-format plasma screens? First of all, they are distinguished by perfect image visibility despite the prevailing weather conditions, e.g. sunlight and clarity, which is affected by greater brightness of the screen. What is more, the installation is possible both inside and outside of buildings (indoor LED screen).



An advertising on jumbotrons – why is it worth it?

Basically, it is worth because it draws attention and sells. After a longer reflection and using citation of some important arguments for, it become obvious why advertising on jumbotrons is worth. Specialists from the marketing industry agree that the success of LED screens rates 99% because of their location. Are they right? Certainly. The best location for this type of video media is where potential customers will not be indifferent to advertising on the screen. Examples of locations that work well with LED screens are:

Advertising on jumbotrons is an extremely effective marketing tool. Brands gain the opportunity to reach a wide range of potential customers with a specific message. It is worth paying attention to the results of research carried out by American Industry Specialists – a moving image is definitely better remembered by recipients than a static image. 87% of respondents remember the message from a large screen. 9 out of 10 people are more often staring at an advertisement displayed just on an LED screen than e.g. on a classic billboard. The traffic draws attention and is rooted in the minds of consumers, hence the conclusions of experts that relate to advertising on screens as the most effective and effective way of promoting outdoor products or services.



An advertising on jumbotrons – advantages

By investing in advertising on LED screens, you can prepare for a sack of profits and benefits of such a campaign, which includes with:

LED screens are described only in superlatives. This is a form of advertising that follows current trends in the marketing industry, and the technology used allows you to quickly modify the content. It contains all the features of the promotion and advertising campaign that major brands desire for. Mass communication is the biggest of the advantages of LED screens. They guarantee a high frequency of the presented message, the high visibility (clarity and readability), measurable benefits in terms of the budget invested, the low invasiveness (they do not disturb everyday functioning and do not annex the space, interfering with its reception).

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Big screen advertising designs the brand’s success

It is true. Even a beginner brand is able to quickly appear in its industry thanks to this type of advertising campaign. This is the most effective form of advertising, unobtrusive, dynamic and very eye-catching. The right communication strategy and the advertising message can actually make success wait around the corner. Classic forms of product or service promotion like billboards, citylights or ordinary posters are still available and always will be. However, the advertising market on jumbotrons has long since been taken over by LED screens and thanks to their technology brands have great potential to appear in the minds of consumers.

Investment in LED screens is a really good direction in the advertising.

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